Friday, May 17, 2013

Pictures of the move and renovation

Take a look at some pictures of the move to our new headquarter location in Hamburg, NY and the renovation of our new building.

Successfully Encouraging Young Men To Love God's Word

By Marvin Job and Don Reddick
Helping young men learn to love reading the Word of God.

Long Time Battalion Leaders

For years I tried to get our Battalion boys to spend regular time discovering God’s Word.  It was hard to get them to become self-motivated.   One day during our council ring a guest speaker, a doctor, used as an illustration “See One, Do One, Teach One”. He explained that during procedure training they are shown how to do a procedure, and then they are expected to do the same procedure and finally they are expected to teach the procedure to someone else.   Don and I both loved this saying.  See One, Do One, Teach One
One day after Don and I were talking about how to get our boys into a regular bible time with God and how they could better open God’s Word up to their squads we thought we should try a reading program that a pastor in our church had introduced to our congregation that both of us took hold of and used regularly. The program is called VINE, which is an acrostic and stands for Verse, Insight, Next Step, and Expression. Knowing about our reading program VINE time and even doing it did not solve our problem with the boys . As I mentioned before Don and I both loved the saying  “See One, Do One, Teach One”. We decided to put this saying together with our VINE time which gave us tremendous results and accomplished more than we could have expected.

We started meeting with our Corporals and Lance Corporals at Starbucks on Monday morning from 7:00am till 7:50am. The young men got to Starbucks by parents, by our vehicles, or some of the older boys drove themselves. We even had one young man run over a mile as he missed his ride. Early in the morning before school was the only time that all of the boys could meet without being in conflict with other activities. The only thing they missed out on was sleep. Starbucks seemed like a great place to meet. Not only was it a place where we could be a witness for God, it was also a place where the boys could get food and drink without having to clean up after themselves. It became an adventure each week seeing what kind of exotic drinks the boys would buy.

During our VINE time we all read the same chapter from a book in the Bible that we were working through. After we read through the chapter each boy was asked to share one verse, or a word that popped out at him. We let them each explain to the rest of us why he chose that word or verse. There was never a bad answer and in fact sometimes the boys brought to us a question about what he read rather than an observation. After everyone shared we would then as a group sum up and agree to a point of action that we could all apply to our day ahead.
As time went on the boys became better and better at pulling insights from God’s Word. Once we were finished we then drove them to their various schools. During our meeting on the following Wednesday night we had the corporals use the same passage that we studied on Monday to use in leading their squad time.
The corporals saw Don and I doing it, they did it, and then they taught it. Now you have the Brigadiers see it from their corporals, as they get older they will do it at our vine time Monday mornings and then they end up leading it in squad times in future years. As long as we have diligent leaders the cycle continues.
We found that with very little or no prep our Corporals could lead their squad in a bible study during squad time. The VINE time became our primary focus during our squad meetings however we do change it up to keep variety in our meeting times. We do not want our program to get stagnant and just something we run through every week.

If you are interested and want more information about our VINE readings take a look.
Respectfully submitted,

Don Reddick and Marvin Job
Battalion 2236

Our "Moving" Renovation: Update on the move to the Buffalo area

Assist with our renovation
Moving 558 miles to our new digs near Buffalo N.Y. from Wheaten Illinois, where we were firmly rooted for 75 years, has been something of a herculean task. But God's hand of blessing has been clear. Here are some encouraging answers to prayer that have continued to confirm that this move was indeed the right direction:

  • A significant portion of the HVAC system (originally quoted to cost between $2000-$3000) ended up only costing a total of $100 for a condenser and a box of sheet metal screws. This is due entirely to generous donations!
  • Even after the city issued a stop-work order causing us to lose two weeks we were able to get the warehouse finished on schedule!
  • The Store and new warehouse are now up and running!
  • People have been coming out of the woodwork to bless us with time and materials. Thanks in particular to Ken Fimbel for doing almost all the carpentry and drywall and to Jim Kubik who did all the electrical!

We can use all sorts of help if you have time, materials or financial resources to assist with our renovation.

View our current renovation needs ...

Opportunities to serve and give: Renovation Project List

The move to the buffalo, NY area is really exciting. The building that we will be occupying in itself is a gift that is evidence of God's hand in this exciting move. But there are vital projects that must take place in order to make the new facility an effective place of ministry.

Please take a quick look and if God has blessed wyou with the ability to offer time, materials or money to the completionm of these projects we woudl be really greatful.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at

Estimated Costs:
Warehouse electrical: $200 
Warehouse carpentry and door: $300 
Warehouse storage space: $350 
Warehouse fixtures: $200 
Office Electrical: $400 
Drywall: $1,000 
New HVAC system: $1,500 
Paint: $600 
Network and servers: $400 
Carpet: $500 
Roof repair: $500 
Miscellaneous construction: $400 
Debris/garbage removal: $400 
Driveway drainage: $450 
House and Grounds: $500

Grand Total: $7,700

Thank you for Considering the sponsorship of one of the above projects.

If you can give financially you can give quickly online or please make checks payable to:
CSB Ministries
Mail to:
CSB Ministries
PO Box 1010
Hamburg, NY 14075

Cars and Trucks: The Latest reVision module

Helping men teach boys biblical stewardship
We are continuing to develop new modules for our Stockade age boys. The Cars and Trucks module is designed to help men disciple boys in understanding the importance God places on being stewards of all that God has entrusted to us.

Helping the boy answer questions like why he should a boy take responsibility for stuff, whether it's his stuff or somebody else's, this module is about teaching a boy to care about maintaining his car, his house, his computer, himself, and anything else that he comes to be responsible for. By using this to teach about fixing things, we teach him a fundamental principle of life.

This principle is contained in Proverbs 27:23-24 "You should take good care of your sheep and goats, because wealth and honor don't last forever."

Take a look at one of the stories in this module ...

Ready to Win 
by H. G. Pike

It was a terrific accident. Comin’ out of Turn Three, one car hit the marbles, touched another and both went crashing into the wall. One car blew into a thousand pieces. The other, well, when it stopped spinning, there wasn’t much left other than the driver’s cockpit. I had just made up my dropped lap when it happened near the back of the pack. Immediately, the Caution Flag came out. I slowed down, dropped to the apron and avoided the debris. There were pieces of car everywhere, but the two drivers were waving to the crowd as I drove by. Who said car racing wasn’t exciting?

This was the big race. Thirty cars had qualified – mine included, but I was dead last. I guess I was just happy enough to have qualified, ‘cause I’d never done that before. And, it was just as well. I wasn’t anywhere near the big crash at the start the race. Man, Somebody was watchin’ out for me that day.

Now, here we were with 28 laps left to go and only ten cars left in the race. I was gonna have a Top-Ten finish, but if I kept my head, maybe I’d be first. Right then, I had to catch up to the pack. The radio squawked to life. “Hey, Buddy.” It was my Crew Chief. “You might as well cool your jets. It looks like it’s going to be a long caution. They’re saying the track’s pretty chewed-up. Ya may be finishing under a Yellow Flag.”

Brigade Basics: Tell me briefly about CSB ...

What is CSB about?
I was chatting with Gord Banman, our Regional Director who has been serving stalwartly in Winnipeg Manatoba for many years. He didn't realize it but as we were just chatting my eyes kept getting wider as nugget after nugget of brilliance and wisdom kept falling from his lips. One

of the many things he said that impressed me and that I wanted to share with you was a simple summary of what our ministry is all about. Here's a simple way of describing the Basics of Brigade:
  1. Christ centered
  2. Bible Based
  3. Church Oriented
  4. Led by Men
  5. For the purpose of discipleship
Bright and Keen For Christ,

Dave Gregg