Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's hard for today's boys to become godly.

They're bombarded from all directions with examples of anything but a godly lifestyle. Studies show that boys learn how to behave as men by what they observe around them. With television, music and even their peers, they spend much more time exposed to bad examples than ever before. 

That's what makes CSB Ministries so important. Serving as a light in a dark world, we expose young men to the principles of godly living. We teach and instill in them values and ethics that last a lifetime. To show them what it really means to be a man.....and we've been doing it for over 75 years.

Click here to donate and help a boy become what this world so desperately needs him to be: "Bright and Keen for Christ". You can do this by supporting our general fund or a Regional Director in your area.
By donating, you will help boys develop spiritually, mentally and physically through biblically based programs. You'll be helping us build godly men, husbands, fathers, leaders and so much more. Heaven knows we need them.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Join Us in the Next Exciting Chapter

Dear Friend of CSB:

I want to thank you for your partnership in the ministry of Christian Service Brigade.
It has been my honor and privilege to serve CSB in a “dual leadership role” since November 2009, when I accepted the invitation to serve as president of CSB US while continuing as president of CSB Canada. At that time and throughout the past five years, both the US and Canadian Boards of Directors and I recognized the tremendous advantages of this model to empower greater collaboration and synergy between the North American ministries as well as providing strong stewardship gains. We also recognized this model might not be sustainable long term, while feeling strongly that God had led us to this for this chapter of our ministry. 
Throughout this past summer and fall, I reached the difficult realization that it was time to step back from my added role in CSB US and focus exclusively on the ministry in Canada. I am pleased to announce that the CSB US Board of Directors has asked Scott Haima, our Director of Finance and Operations, to serve as Interim President while we seek to identify the right path for this next exciting chapter of Brigade’s ministry in the US. I am delighted that Scott will be providing strong, fiscally responsible leadership to the ministry while moving the ministry forward with continued momentum. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stockade reVision Update: Space

Exploring God's Greatness

We've been working hard and are proud to announce our new Space Outpost Adventure and Leader's Guide! This Stockade Module is jam-packed with fun and interactive activities, as well as God-centered stories and scripture. Keep reading for a look at the action and some awesome discounts!

Turn out the lights!

Many of the activities in this book are fun and interactive. In the "Constellations" activity, boys are asked to poke holes in the shapes of constellations. When they're done, they get to turn off the lights and enjoy the show!

Who needs a wrist watch ...

In the "Star-Clock" activity, boys get to cut-out and pin together their very own clock. After venturing out at night, they will be able to tell what time it is based on the position of the stars and the current month. How cool is that?

The people have spoken

"Just wanted to let you know the boys in my Stockade are loving the Outpost Adventures - I cannot keep enough on hand to fulfill their needs!  It doesn't take long to complete one, and they love being rewarded with the patch."
Chief Ranger in NY

Raising Your Ebenezer: What's Your Story?

After a great event of God's provision ancient Israel would erect "Ebenezer" stones so that they would be reminded of the greatness of their God (1 Samuel 7:12). Our lives and the stories that comprise them are living, breathing, Ebenezers and telling our stories is an important way to honor our God.
"Is this the end?  Or only the beginning?  The second chance You never thought you'd get. The question is Will you do something with it Or spend your days lost in your regretThis is the story of your life  You decide  How the rest is gonna read  This is your chance between the lines  To redefine what kind of legacy you leaveThis is the story of your life  And it's a story worth telling" -- Matthew West, in the song "Story of your life"
We all have a story, and CSB believes that the legacy you leave is the life you lead. Matthew West wrote an entire book on the stories he received, appropriately entitled The Story of Your Life.

We desire to hear YOUR Brigade or mentoring story!

Stories of how Brigade has impacted your life, or the impact you’ve made in someone else’s life.  

Please email your story to:  Scott Haima at or mail them to CSB Ministries, Attn: Scott Haima, PO Box 1010, Hamburg, NY 14075.

Employment Opportunity: Marketing Coordinator

This new position with CSB Ministries will provide marketing, communications, public relations, and social media campaigns, as well as develop and execute strategic marketing and sales plans for CSB Ministries.

Candidates will possess a Bachelor’s degree or relevant work experience, solid understanding of core marketing principles, and advanced communication (written and verbal), organizational, and problem solving skills.

Please send resumes to or mail to CSB Ministries, Attn: Human Resources, PO Box 1010, Hamburg, NY 14075.

All CSB Staff positions must agree with the CSB Statement of Faith, demonstrate a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and a passion for Brigade.  Candidates will be asked to share a testimony of their Christian faith journey and provide information for a criminal background check.

Employment Opportunities: Midwest Regional Director

Midwest Regional Director Brian Stebick was led to accept the position of Assisant Camp Director at Camp Hickory Hill in Western New York, where he grew up.  We are pleased Brian will still be working in Brigade circles, as Hickory Hill is a Brigade Camp.

If you are interested, or you know of a mature Christian man, who wants to know more about this leadership role – please contact Joel Fiscus, the National Field Director,

The candidate would need to commit to a minimum of 20 hours a week with great potential for growth.

Email me at or call 716-526-0026, ext 109.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Danger! Waterfall Ahead!

Why young men suffering gives us hope

I’m often perplexed why young men get so excited about some of the adventures we offer them. As one example, every three years we offer a trip to canoe a circuit of frigid lakes in the damp far reaches of British Columbia. The guys are required to schlep the canoes and seven days-worth of food and gear up muddy trails while the mosquitoes treat us like a human happy hour, “Drinks on us!” We assure the young men that after the mosquitoes have their fill many of them will have faces that resemble whoopee cushions, but they still choose to come. If warmth is to be had it is only found on the other side of a pile of wood that must be perpetually chopped. Their major source of protein ... SPAM; the meat product of all great risk takers. Young men are willing to do laborious chores there, the easiest of which back at home they would creatively and desperately seek to elude, and they are willing to suffer deprivations that would cause a fountain of complaints to whine from their mouths if it was mom asking it of them. All of this is sandwiched like cramped bookends between 2 days of solid driving in a van full of un-showered adolescent males.

We never have trouble filling this trip.

The Cheerios Dad Ad #HowToDad

We aren't necessarily endorsing peanut butter cheerios as a breakfast cereal, but we are endorsing that dads are awesome and this is finally an ad that promotes dads in a light we can get behind.

Funny and inspiring, be awesome and watch the video.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Stockade reVision Update: Reporter, Swimming, Weather

In the past week the Stockade reVision team just released  three new resources:

One full "Reporter" module for use in weekly meetings

Reporter Leaders Guide
Reporter Outpost Adventure

You can view more information regarding this exciting new module in our store:
View "Reporter" Leaders Guide
View "Reporter" Outpost Adventure

Two new stand Alone "Outpost Adventures" for Swimming and Weather

Our Newest Regional Director: Bill Mellien

Jehovah Jireh: God the provider.

God does indeed continue to provide. The most recent example is the addition of Bill Mellien to CSB's team of Regional Directors. We'll introduce Bill more fully in the next Brigade Connection issue but we wanted to let you all know the exciting news now.

Bill will be working with churches in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. If that means he's your regional Director and you have any questions or needs feel free to contact him or just say hello.

You can email him at

The Brigade Portal SURVEY- Tell us what features you want!

Take the 6 question survey and help set our priorities
The Brigade Portal has been launched!

We built a strong foundation on the back end of the new portal website and our initial feature available to users is a church registration and management tool for Brigade Chairmen.

As we build features on top of this strong foundation we want to aim well and prioritize our development on the features you leaders feel are the most vital first.

You can help control the direction of our development and the features we work on first by completing this 6 question survey which is really just a list of potential features that you can rank for us.

Take The Survey

CSB Leaders! Don't miss this key opportunity to help us identify the tools that can make your ministry easier and more powerful.

"The Story" - Powerfully explaining the Ministry of CSB

CSB explained in 2 minutes. Take a look
Even after more than 75 years of ministry it can be difficult to articulate precisely what CSB is all about. This is not for lack of a vision but because the need and the vision are both so big and the traditions of our organization have grown so deep. How could one explain all of that in only a minute or two?

Over the past few months key staff have worked hard to create a short description of our ministry and it's vital role in today's cultural and church landscape.

If you want to better understand or better articulate the need we address, our mission for meeting that need, and our plan for fulfilling our calling, take a few minutes to look at this document.

The team did a jaw dropping job and it's not only content rich, but simple and beautiful to look at.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Connecting you with CSB Staff: Caleb Porzio "I'm a Brigade Guy"

BC:  Prior to coming on staff with the new US national office staff, what was your involvement with CSB?
CP: I’ve been involved in Brigade for most of my life. Starting as a Stockader, I made my way through Battalion and became a Sergeant in my home Unit. I also was heavily involved in our local Brigade camp (Camp Hickory Hill), starting as Junior Leader and eventually serving as a Program Director.

BC:  When it was decided to move the national office from Wheaton, IL to Hamburg, NY – you were a major reason it was also decided to bring the on-line store and warehousing back in-house.  Share a little about this transition.
CP: At the time, Brigade was outsourcing their warehouse operation. There was discussion about taking it back in-house, and my name was mentioned because I had experience in web design and media and could build and manage an online-store. Let’s just say I had no clue what I was in for.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

reVision Update: Should I switch to the new Stockade materials?

With a total of 7 modules in the store, 4 more in production ready for the store in a couple weeks, 3 more ready for layout and numerous other modules in production there is plenty to choose from among the stockade reVision materials and plenty to get you through this ministry year. 

In the Store:
  • Shape N' Race
  • Pioneers
  • Cars and Trucks
  • Woodworking
  • Team Sports
  • Bikes Boards and Buddies
  • Flight
Modules in Production: 
  1. Reporter
  2. Camping
  3. Space
  4. Electricity
Modules in the queue:

My Three Sons: Herald of Christ is All in this Family

On June 12 John Russell from Battalion 1233 was awarded his Herald of Christ, by Battalion Captain Dave Card and his father Mark Russell. John is the 746th young man to earn this impressive recognition.

Just as impressive is that John is the ninth HOC from his church and the third in the Russell family! Nathan Russell (#699) earned his HOC in 1998, and Samuel Russell (#715) earned his in 2004.

During the past ministry year – the following have also earned their Herald of Christ; #742 Peter

Employment Opportuinuty: Alumni Care and Development Director

CSB has been blessed by God to have long and deep connections with the men, boys, and families that have seen God work through this ministry. We recognize the importance of nurturing these relationships and are looking for someone who has a passion for helping us do so.

This new position with CSB Ministries will provide Visioning for and Strategic planning on locating, communicating with and developing CSB’s relationship with alumni. This position will also be responsible for launching a comprehensive plan for donor development. It is desirable for applicants to be alumni of CSB Ministries and reside within 2 hours of
a major U.S. airport. Candidates must agree with the CSB statement of faith, demonstrate a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and a passion for CSB Ministries. Candidates will be asked to share a testimony of their Christian faith journey and provide information for a criminal and financial background check to be conducted. Candidates will possess a Bachelor’s degree, have experience in fund raising, be willing to obtain or already possess notary public certification, have attention to detail and reliable follow through, and be able to travel frequently.

A full job description may be obtained by contacting the CSB National Office at or 800-815-5573. 

Please send resumes to or mail to: CSB Ministries, Attn: Human Resources, PO Box 1010, Hamburg, NY 14075

Intern interview: Erik Johnson

Thanks to Erik Johnson’s great work our leaders will have 6 new modules this year

How are we accomplishing the ever increasing rate progress as a ministry? One of our strongest assets has quickly become our passionate and competent interns. Though still fresh and new our internship program has found a consistent stream of amazing young men who have taken up the challenge.  One of many recent examples is Erik Johnson has been an enormous help to our reVision team. Among other things he helped develop six of our new modules. Here is a bit about Erik in his own words:

A little background on Erik

I have been involved in both CSB as well as through Northern Frontier Camp as a camper and now as my fourth summer as a counselor. I think camp has been one of the biggest influences in my life, and in particular the camp directors, fellow counselors, and campers.

I am going to be a senior at Cedarville University next year majoring in Journalism with a focus on Public Relations and a support field in Travel Writing and a minor in Bible. I have competed on the track and cross country teams at Cedarville the past three years. I love backpacking and camping and my dream is to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail one day.

What did his internship look like?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Fatherless No More"

View the video

The initial installment of the Brigade Impact Series

Your involvement in and support of CSB is changing lives. The new "Brigade Impact Series is another way we are sharing some of this impact with you.

For leaders and other people supporting CSB in local churches this is a great resource to help others catch the vision of our ministry.

You can use these short video clips in a variety of settings: for promotion, leader recruitment, banquets, Brigade Sundays as well as in your CSB meetings.

The video in this edition features David Gregg.  Entitled, Fatherless No More you will hear how CSB filled the need in his life for father-figures to fill the gap left by his own father.

View the video

As we considering other topics for this series if you have an idea or a story to share please reply to the Brigade Connection.

The New CSB Portal

An online application set to revolutionize the lives of brigade leaders

The backbone and strength of Christian Service Brigade has always been the men who sacrifice blood sweat and tears to provide a vital context every week in which to disciple the boys who will soon join us as the next generation of Christian men.

Because we understand how important each leader is to this vital task, we are more focused than ever on providing creative, powerful, and practical tools to help you effectively execute what is often a very difficult task. We are really excited to be able to introduce you to one of our biggest initiatives yet ... The "CSB portal."  

The Portal is a dynamic tool designed to make your life as a CSB leader a lot easier. We hope to have an initial release this September and that will be just the beginning of a really powerful tool that will only get more powerful over time as we hear from you regarding what your needs are and progressively build tools into the portal to meet those practical needs.

Some of the early features will include
  • Check-in and attendance
  • Easy communication with your leaders, parents and youth
  • Access to resources like best practices, videos, and the CSB store

Interview: Bobby Seetaram

"I want to be a part of the great things God is doing"
We are excited to introduce our newest intern, Bobby Seetaram. As you will see from the following interview, Bobby is a passionate addition to our team.

Brigade Connection:
Bobby, thank you for taking time to chat with us. Tell us a little bit about yourself

Bobby: I'm from Rutherford, NJ and am a Senior at Liberty University. My intended major is Family and Child Development with a minor in Psychology. I expect to graduate this December. 

Brigade Connection: What's your experience with CSB?

Bobby: Growing up in Stockade and Battalion played an essential role in my growth towards manhood. When I was in high school I also spent three summers at CSB's Northern Frontier Camp in the New York Adirondack Mountains as a Kitchen Assistant, Lifeguard, and Camp Counselor.

Brigade Connection: Why you are interested in being a CSB intern? 

Bobby: There are a few things that caught my attention. First was the ability to better understand the role that Christian community based programs can have on the growth of young men and boys. Second, I am really excited to work with a well respected and close friend of mine Ron Rynd, the Northeast Regional Director for CSB. Finally, I believe that Christian Service Brigade is playing an essential role in completing the Great Commission; CSB is changing lives for Christ and I want to be a part of the great things God is doing in and through this ministry. 

Brigade Connection: What are your interests long term? 

Bobby: Last summer I had a chance to go to Nepal on a Missions Trip and it really inspired to minister to children. In the future I want to be a Social Worker for the State of New Jersey focusing on the foster care system. I see CSB as a great stepping stone to learn, grow, and to serve the Lord in this important area.

reVision Update May 2014

The Stockade reVISION is moving along with 9 additional modules in development by various men and leaders of CSB.

Two new Outpost Adventures, Swimming and Weather, have been recently released.

The Battalion revision, called INNOV8, has started with four distinct teams looking at current and past materials. One priority is to refresh the Herald of Christ for Men materials that will continue to challenge men to pursue the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. 
If you have an area of competency in an interest area contact us for more information on how you can help:
(800) 815-5573