Thursday, January 14, 2016

Telling The Truth: A Sneak Peek Into Our Next Valor Issue

He Couldn't Argue with the Chocolate ... But He Did

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By Carol McLeod

As the mother of three boys who have grown into uncommon men, I must say, there is nothing like a sprouting, determined boy to challenge the wits out of an otherwise sane woman! When a mother meets an infant son for the first time, the atmosphere is charged with an assignment from heaven itself! But as the spritely little boy grows into manhood, moms often loses focus and forget the importance of our heaven-birthed commission.

One of our sons had a problem telling the truth. Our little boy was known for exaggeration, story-telling and complete deception. My pastor-husband and I had sought diligently to make our home a haven where truth was valued and where integrity mattered greatly. How could we have a son who was so truth-impaired?!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ryan's Story: I Lost a Brother But I Found a Savior

We're sharing Ryan's story below because it is such a great example of how God used the mentoring and leadership experience he received in Battalion to prepare and inspire him to christian service.  
"Growing up, I didn’t have much guidance or discipline. My life seemed as if I didn’t have much purpose at all. My parents loved me even through their divorce, but we never had the genuine love of God in our family. That love wasn’t given to me when I was a child. 
One afternoon, when I was 12 years old, I received the news that my brother had been accidentally shot. He was dead. That event changed my life. It seemed so tragic on the surface. Yet when I look deeper, I can see how God used my brother’s death to
bring me to himself.

Heralding Christ

Many organizations that emphasize an achievement process have a top honor to recognize those who have dedicated themselves to the organization and it's program. We thought we'd take a quick moment to tell you about our top honor, the "Herald of Christ."

A young man cannot begin the steps to receive this honor until he is 16 and must complete it before his 21st birthday. We require the minimum age of 16 because we believe that by that time a young man will have been buffeted by the winds of temptation and the world enough to begin to reveal his level of commitment, not to Christian Service Brigade, but to Christ and His kingdom.

Here, in brief, are the requirements for completing the Herald of Christ internship:

Before He Can Start

Prior to starting the herald of Christ internship a young man must also have completed the entire discipleship program of Explorer, Trailblazer, Guide, One star, Two star, and Three Star. By doing so he will have been equipped and demonstrated a life founded on biblical knowledge, disciplines, and leadership. So before he begins the HOC he will already have:

500 young men with torches .... N-Counter 2016

500 young men with torches ... normally a scary thought
was actually one of the highlights of the N-Counter 5 years ago
and has now become an unforgettable tradition.
Find out more:
Young men and their leaders from CSB Battalion units in 10 or more states, will be gathering at the end of April for N-Counter 2016.  This event comes just once in a Brigadier's middle and high school career.  This large multi-regional event will bring new experiences, with outdoor activities, worship and interaction over the biblical theme, Press On.  N-Counter 2016 will be held for one weekend in southeastern PA.  It's open to current Battalion members as well as Brigade alumni. You are welcome to come see what is happening in Christian Service Brigade today!  All who are interested in helping make this a successful event, can find out more about N-Counter 2016 at ​