Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mentoring Out of the Box: Mentoring made Easy

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Mentoring Out of Box gives dads and other men relational and activity-driven tools so that they can disciple their sons and other boys. It's the same approach to discipleship we've championed for 80 years packaged in a simple to implement, low commitment, "turn-key" package.

If you have thought about starting a Brigade unit in your church but wonder if there is a way to introduce other dads and men to investing in boys; consider a Mentoring Out of the Box Adventure.
These simple four week packages can stand alone, but are also an easy introduction to starting a Brigade unit for those who need to test it out first. 
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What is Mentoring Our of the Box?

Helping You Disciple Your Sons

Discipleship must begin ... at the beginning, It can't wait until they're "old enough." Tree Climbers is a part of our ministry designed to help dads with boys between 1st and 2nd grade to have a context and content on a regular basis to build a strong relationship with God and each other.

In this short but impactful video Tree Climber dad Kevin Mwafula talks about how the Tree Climbers ministry has helped:
  • Equip his boys to develop an appetite for The Word of God
  • Teach his boys to love service
  • Him, as a dad, keep the right focus,
  • Him grow in his own walk with Christ
  • Him "see God moving in their hearts in a way that I'm not a part of it. This is becoming their own faith now."