Thursday, December 21, 2017

Meet a good friend of mine who has taken a big leap of faith to serve Jesus

Josh (on the right) with Arden Musselmen, his friend, mentor, and now fellow worker.

I’ve known Josh Tallman for almost 30 years. In that time he’s grown from a quiet little camper, to a successful computer engineer working around the world, and now I have the privilege of working alongside Joshua as our newest full time Regional Director serving in Southern California and the Southwest. 

I have personally experienced the incredible gifts and character God has given to Josh and am excited to have the privilege both to introduce him to you through the interview below and to look forward to years of serving alongside him!

My favorite parts of the interview:
  • Trying to use orange soda to heal a gunshot wound
  • Hearing  him describe the huge impact CSB men made in his life
  • The midnight rescue mission
  • Minimalist camping gone bad
Serving you so you can serve the next generation,
Dave Gregg and the CSB Team