Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mentoring Out of the Box: Mentoring made Easy

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Mentoring Out of Box gives dads and other men relational and activity-driven tools so that they can disciple their sons and other boys. It's the same approach to discipleship we've championed for 80 years packaged in a simple to implement, low commitment, "turn-key" package.

If you have thought about starting a Brigade unit in your church but wonder if there is a way to introduce other dads and men to investing in boys; consider a Mentoring Out of the Box Adventure.
These simple four week packages can stand alone, but are also an easy introduction to starting a Brigade unit for those who need to test it out first. 
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What is Mentoring Our of the Box?

Helping You Disciple Your Sons

Discipleship must begin ... at the beginning, It can't wait until they're "old enough." Tree Climbers is a part of our ministry designed to help dads with boys between 1st and 2nd grade to have a context and content on a regular basis to build a strong relationship with God and each other.

In this short but impactful video Tree Climber dad Kevin Mwafula talks about how the Tree Climbers ministry has helped:
  • Equip his boys to develop an appetite for The Word of God
  • Teach his boys to love service
  • Him, as a dad, keep the right focus,
  • Him grow in his own walk with Christ
  • Him "see God moving in their hearts in a way that I'm not a part of it. This is becoming their own faith now."

Tree Climbers: A Father's Perspective from Christian Service Brigade on Vimeo.

If you have questions about the Tree Climber ministry in your church or want to talk about possibly starting one in your own, we're here to help you!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Meet a good friend of mine who has taken a big leap of faith to serve Jesus

Josh (on the right) with Arden Musselmen, his friend, mentor, and now fellow worker.

I’ve known Josh Tallman for almost 30 years. In that time he’s grown from a quiet little camper, to a successful computer engineer working around the world, and now I have the privilege of working alongside Joshua as our newest full time Regional Director serving in Southern California and the Southwest. 

I have personally experienced the incredible gifts and character God has given to Josh and am excited to have the privilege both to introduce him to you through the interview below and to look forward to years of serving alongside him!

My favorite parts of the interview:
  • Trying to use orange soda to heal a gunshot wound
  • Hearing  him describe the huge impact CSB men made in his life
  • The midnight rescue mission
  • Minimalist camping gone bad
Serving you so you can serve the next generation,
Dave Gregg and the CSB Team

Monday, April 17, 2017

Our Young Teenager Was in a Dark Place

God used the men in Battalion and the call to serve as a key means of saving a young man from the darkness into which he'd fallen.
We live in a dark world. The Bible is clear that we ought not to be surprised when "we face trials of many kinds." But when our children encounter this darkness for the first time it understandably rocks their world. This is what happened to the young man in the following letter when he experienced "a heartbreaking loss." His faith suffered and his parents felt they had lost their "sweet gentle son." But that is not where his story ends! God used the men in Battalion and the call to serve as a key means of saving this young man from the darkness into which he'd fallen. You can read more in the following letter from his mother. 

Dear CSB Ministries,

I want to let you know what a difference you have made in our son’s life. We’ve taught our children about Christ since the day they were born, had them in Sunday school, and even taught Sunday School, ourselves. They participated in Bible Study groups, children’s programs and we read from the Bible together as a family. They were baptized when they were 8, understood and could relay the gospel to others. They knew their decision to follow Christ must be personal and that following Him was more than lip service.

After experiencing a heartbreaking loss, our young teenager was in a dark place. We sought help and prayed constantly for him. During this time, my husband and I told our son that he must attend his choice of either Battalion or Youth Group. I questioned whether it was right to “force” him to participate in church activities when he was so resistant to do so. Because of the great leadership who reached out to our son and continued to encourage him, he chose to attend Battalion, but still fought us every week because he didn’t want to go to either activity.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Hands of Christ to Immigrant Families

By Lloyd Gestoso, Dean of Social Work at Cairn University

My Christian lineage begins with my Filipino Grandmother. She encountered Jesus as she laundered the clothes of missionaries serving in the Philippines in the 1940’s. My parents also embraced the Gospel. When they immigrated to the United States in the late 1960’s to escape the poverty, political instability, and martial law that characterized that time, they brought their love of Christ with them. They also brought a love for their extended family and as so many immigrants do, they left their home in the Philippines not simply for their own benefit, but out of a desire to help the rest of the family.

So my story is in part that of an only child of immigrant parents struggling to carve out a place in a new country. For many reasons I also struggled academically but my parents had little ability to help me. My mother did not have the skills to help me academically and my father, new to emergency medicine, was busy working 12 hour shifts to support our family.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Five Secrets of Good and Faithful Servants

Do you have kids or grand kids that like to keep secrets? A secret, the dictionary reports, is something hidden from view. That’s a good description of the hearts of “good and faithful servants” that Jesus described in Matthew 25. Although motivations of the heart are not always visible, Jesus takes notice and ultimately commends them. Here are 5 “secrets” of good and faithful servants that we trust will be an encouragement to you as you grow in your walk with the Lord.

1. Good and Faithful Servants Maximize God’s Resources. Have you thought about ways you can maximize the financial resources God has given you? For example, did you know you can increase your tax benefit and stretch your giving dollars to the Lord's work when you transfer appreciated assets (such as stocks or mutual funds) directly to your church or a ministry like Brigade rather than donating the proceeds after selling them? If you have owned securities for more than a year, your tax savings are significant because you receive an income tax deduction for the fair-market value (what it's worth today, not what you paid for it). Additionally, you will not pay any capital gain tax upon the transfer.

Another exciting announcement is on its way! #renewal

My Pastor was nearing the end of his sermon. My pen had slowed. But then I heard another nugget that caught my attention,

"God doesn't promise to make all new things.
He promises to make all things new."

It took a moment for my brain to process what he meant ... then it clicked: God doesn't keep starting over, like a boy with a trash can full of wadded paper attempting to make the perfect airplane, rather, God takes the same piece of clay and continues to lovingly mold and shape it, making it more beautiful and useful each day. Where we have come from is important. It's part of the story. But it's a story still unfolding and growing.

I couldn't help but see how relevant this is to our ministry. We are an old ministry, but we see how God is continuing to do new things, exciting things, in us.

God is continuing to renew us! So stay tuned this Wednesday for another exciting new  announcement!

Serving Christ by Serving you,

Scott Haima,
President, Christian Service Brigade

Someone To Watch His Back

This must happen if your boys are going to survive

The C.O. at the Army Ranger school at Fort Benning barked, “Difficult assignments require a friend. Step one in your training is the assignment of your ‘Ranger Buddy.’ The two of you will stick together. You will never leave each other. You will walk together, run together, eat together, and sleep together. You will help each other. You will encourage each other. And as necessary, you will carry each other.”

The US military understands that in battle nobody fights alone and survives very long.

Walking with Christ is a difficult assignment. Following Christ means engaging in a fierce three-front battle. A Christ-follower must daily overpower the enemy within, his own sinful nature. He must resist a world that continually bombards him with enticements that seek to take captive his heart. He must overcome the wily temptations of Satan, the evil one.  God never intended Christian men to fight their spiritual battles in isolation.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CSB is engineering wheels that should be the fastest on the market

We can't tell you too much yet but amazing wheels are around the corner!

We know our leaders are very serious about Shape N' Race and so are we. So we're engineering some new wheels that according to specs should be the fastest on the market AND some of the best looking wheels we think have ever been produced.

Let Tax Season be a Blessing

Putting your money to work for the kingdom

As tax season nears an end, you may find yourself with a little extra dough coming your way.  Please remember Christian Service Brigade as you determine God's plan for that money.  We would love to help you make an eternal impact with your return.

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