Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Our New StocKar Derby Website!

View the new StocKar website!

The StocKar derby is not only one of the most popular events for many of our men and boys, but it offers a rich opportunity for teaching practical skills and vital spiritual truths.

The StocKar Derby is not just about building cars ... it's about building boys.

Because StocKar is so important to our men and our mission we have designed a website dedicated to promoting and supporting the Stockar Derbies in your regions.

This fun new website features:
  •  Kits, products, and ideas for making cars
  • Resources and materials
  • Help on running a derby
 Take a look and keep coming back as we add new resources and features in the coming months!


Friday, January 18, 2019

Meet Rob Dickerson! RD For Eastern Great Lakes.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of two new Regional Directors to the ministry: Rob Dickerson and Steve Rivers. These men fill two vital roles in the ministry and are both enormous answers to prayer.

This month we’ll be introducing you to Rob, and in next month’s issue of Brigade Connection we’ll introduce you a bit more to Steve.
Rob is the answer to a long time prayer for a new Regional Director in the Eastern Great Lakes Region. Until now Scott Haima has been filling the dual role of CSB President and Regional Director.

We are already seeing the huge benefit to Scott being freed up to lead the ministry from a strategic perspective without the additional responsibilities of a region to maintain.

Rob brings years of ministry experience, a great family, and a love for discipleship in the outdoors. We hope you will enjoy this short interview with him.

Rob  Dickerson Vitals:
  • Age 49
  • Shaped like a sports car
  • Lead Pastor of Life Quest Church, Rochester NY
  • Married 25 years
  • 4 Children ages 13 to 19
  • Hobbies: Parenting teen angst and hammock camping
Brigade Connection: How did you develop a love for the inter-generational discipleship?
Rob: I grew up in Royal Rangers, a ministry similar to CSB but affiliated with the Assemblies of God denomination. Our roots in Royal Rangers is deep, so there are three generations of Dickerson in what we might call faith based scouting. More importantly, though, you could say my family is the poster child for inter-generational discipleship.

Friday, December 7, 2018

A lifetime of spiritual growth

Consider this powerful call given at the beginning or our updated Herald of Christbooklet,

"The Herald of Christ seeks to challenge you to a lifetime of spiritual growth."

The Herald of Christ is both a recognition that a young man's life is bearing the fruit of Christ's work in him, but it is also a call to a life journey and commitment to God and service to others. The Herald of Christ is not an end in itself, it is a means to a much greater end.

What's New:
Over the past year a specialized team of CSB staff, all Herald of Christrecipients, spent many hours turning something good into something even better, including:
  • A greater focus on input from mentors throughout the process
  • Tips to mentors on how to make the most of the experience
  • More flexibility for the young man in choosing Biblical readings and service projects.
  • Aids for both the young man and the team surrounding him as they reach for the goal together.
A Challenge for You:
If you are leading a Battalion we encourage you to purchase a copy or two (do so on our shop) and challenge the young men in your unit to consider reaching for this life changing goal.

Every member of the Herald of Christ Revision Team would tell you that their pursuit of this goal was worth all the hard work.  We are grateful for the menwho sacrificially invested in us and pointed us to a life of commitment and service.

The Updated Herald Of Christ

The core of the Herald of Christ Program has remained true to it's roots but we recognized the need to

These additions and improvements include:
provide additional aids and emphasis through the process.
  • A greater focus on input from mentors throughout the process
  • Tips to mentors on how to make the most of the experience
  • More flexibility for the young man in choosing Biblical readings and service projects.
  • Aids for both the young man and the team surrounding him as they reach for the goal together.
Take a closer look

Friday, October 19, 2018

"The rabbit trails that eventually led me to Jesus."

Making disciples is the point of our ministry and all the tools we provide.

Aaron (pictured above) is a good example of how our tools and the weekly CSB meeting are being used to make disciples and change lives for eternity.

Here's a quick snapshot in Aaron's own words,

"When I was 11 I started using Adventure Trails as a part of being in our Battalion. Part of Adventure Trails was to get partnered with a mentor. I'd started to develop a friendship with an older gentleman because we shared an interest in guns. Because I already had the start of a friendship I thought he would be a good and godly Mentor. As we started to go through Adventure Trails we would often get on rabbit trails based on things that the book would bring up. As we continue down these rabbit trails we would once in awhile start talking about our personal relationship with God and God's will. The first time we started talking about our personal relationship with God I realized I didn't have one. I realized then that I wanted to have one; the thought of having a relationship with the creator of the world was really exciting to me.

It was because the adventure Trails required me to find a mentor and build a relationship with him and provided good content that we were able to have the rabbit trails that eventually led me to Jesus."

Monday, August 20, 2018

New Activity Leaders Guides

6 New Missions

These updated and modernized "Mission Guides" make the content of the weekly meeting even more
relevant for Battalion leaders using our best practices to help men easily lead each meeting.
  1. Astronomy
  2. Knot Tying
  3. Global Outreach
  4. Small Engines
  5. Treasure Hunting
  6. Photography (will be available soon)
Mission Guides will be printed on 3-hole punched paper, to make it easier to photocopy Squad meetings and other pages that you have permission to copy.  Each will include a tabbed cover divider, so we have Mission Guide Binders available for you as well to keep all your Mission's in one place.

Take a Closer Look

TWO New Adventure Trails to Choose From!

Adventure Trails: The Guide

This approach to helping the boy grow draws from classic editions of Brigade and Adventure Trails,
  • Self-setting and accomplishing discipleship goals
  • Bible studies and memory at your pace set in themed packs
  • Focus on whole person; Athlete, Academic, Artist, build on strengths in each area
  • Apply biblical thinking to life and activities

 Take a closer look

Adventure Trails: Quest

With a greater emphasis on connecting with a mentor and connecting learning to activity, the Quest
  • Guided by mentors on the discipleship path
  • Directly connects biblical learning to action and life skills
  • Biblical life focus through Christian disciplines
  • Fresh and thorough update of most recent edition of Adventure Trails

Take a Closer Look

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mentoring Out of the Box: Mentoring made Easy

Visit the dedicated website!

Mentoring Out of Box gives dads and other men relational and activity-driven tools so that they can disciple their sons and other boys. It's the same approach to discipleship we've championed for 80 years packaged in a simple to implement, low commitment, "turn-key" package.

If you have thought about starting a Brigade unit in your church but wonder if there is a way to introduce other dads and men to investing in boys; consider a Mentoring Out of the Box Adventure.
These simple four week packages can stand alone, but are also an easy introduction to starting a Brigade unit for those who need to test it out first. 
Take a look at the cool MoB website!


What is Mentoring Our of the Box?

Helping You Disciple Your Sons

Discipleship must begin ... at the beginning, It can't wait until they're "old enough." Tree Climbers is a part of our ministry designed to help dads with boys between 1st and 2nd grade to have a context and content on a regular basis to build a strong relationship with God and each other.

In this short but impactful video Tree Climber dad Kevin Mwafula talks about how the Tree Climbers ministry has helped:
  • Equip his boys to develop an appetite for The Word of God
  • Teach his boys to love service
  • Him, as a dad, keep the right focus,
  • Him grow in his own walk with Christ
  • Him "see God moving in their hearts in a way that I'm not a part of it. This is becoming their own faith now."

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Meet a good friend of mine who has taken a big leap of faith to serve Jesus

Josh (on the right) with Arden Musselmen, his friend, mentor, and now fellow worker.

I’ve known Josh Tallman for almost 30 years. In that time he’s grown from a quiet little camper, to a successful computer engineer working around the world, and now I have the privilege of working alongside Joshua as our newest full time Regional Director serving in Southern California and the Southwest. 

I have personally experienced the incredible gifts and character God has given to Josh and am excited to have the privilege both to introduce him to you through the interview below and to look forward to years of serving alongside him!

My favorite parts of the interview:
  • Trying to use orange soda to heal a gunshot wound
  • Hearing  him describe the huge impact CSB men made in his life
  • The midnight rescue mission
  • Minimalist camping gone bad
Serving you so you can serve the next generation,
Dave Gregg and the CSB Team