Friday, October 11, 2019

New Regional Director, passionate for racial reconciliation and urban churches

Alexander Smith is our newest Regional Director now serving the Midwest Region. Alexander is passionate, energetic, and  brings unique and vital perspective and vision for helping Brigade minister particularly in the area of racial reconciliation and growth in the urban environment. Below you can hear him in his own words as he interacts with The Brigade Connection.

Alexander Smith Vitals:

  • Age:38
  • Home town: Born and raised in Baltimore and Detroit
  • Married: Shari, 8 years
  • Children: 4 (Brandon-17, Madison-10, Ezra-5, Jodi-Marie-1)
  • Hobbies: Collecting fragrances, listening to country music, and ballroom dancing
  • Interesting fact: Current attending Moody Theological Seminary

Brigade Connection: Alexander, what is your vision for CSB in your region?

Alexander: I pray that God allows me to use CSB as a tool to tear down the walls of racial hostility. I pray that I can infuse CSB even more into the urban community.  The world is full of so much hate. One of the tricks of Satan is division through racism. Racism has plagued our churches and communities.  So many young men have racial tension in their hearts. I truly hope God uses me as an instrument to make change by teaching young men to overcome the world’s obstacles with His truth and helping churches in communities to do disciple by equipping them through CSB ministries.

Brigade Connection: Brigade Connection: How would you describe CSB in 2 or three sentences?

Alexander: A ministry strongly committed to discipling men and young men.  An agency of suffering and strength as it refuses to conform to the culture.  A consistent pulse of hope and purity in local communities.

Brigade Connection:
How did you develop a love for intergenerational discipleship?

Alexander: I had heard the term “intergenerational discipleship a few times in my life, but once I understood what it was, I thought to myself, “isn’t this a biblical mandate?” Scripture never shows us a separation of age groups. In Deuteronomy 32 God’s Word instructs us to remember the days of old and to ask our fathers and elders to show us the way. So, I really can’t explain were my passion came from, but I can say this… the work of the Holy Spirit is supernatural. So whether we are extroverted or introverted if a man is truly living in Christ then there should be a desire for him to want to disciple other men, in whatever capacity God has equipped him, despite their age; as well for men to want to be discipled so they can be taught God’s precious trust and glorify Him.


  1. Amen Alexander! Welcome to the Team. Just said a prayer for protection for you and your family. Pray over them and those who are close to you for protection, Wisdom and the daily awareness and thwarting of snares and roots. We are in a Battle and I am inspired by my new "Foxhole Friend!"

  2. God Bless you in all you strive to do !

  3. Exciting answer to prayer. May God empower Alexander's vision for ministry.