Friday, March 13, 2015

Record blizzards, snow, and flooding mean we need your help

On February 11th, Christian Service Brigade’s warehouse in Hamburg, NY suffered flooding.  A
water main broke, flooding our warehouse with 9 inches of water.  We are still trying to determine if what our insurance and the county will cover, as some merchandise was lost. Regardless, the warehouse now requires some repair a structural modification to prevent future flooding.

In addition to the warehouse flooding, our office roof is now in need of immediate repair.  The tough Western New York winter has exposed weaknesses and multiple leaks have appeared.  The leaks are significant, and must be repaired as soon as possible.

We need your help.  We need to raise $20,000 to begin immediate repairs on the office and warehouse.  We are asking that if you are able, please give today.  The quicker we can repair the offices, the quicker we can limit the damage and focus on effective ministry.

Living Our Story of Stewardship

Talking to church leaders about starting a CSB unit? Encouraging a fatherless boy?
Giving financially? How has God gifted you to help?

“You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.”—
Matthew 25:23

In the parable from Matthew, Jesus teaches that all of us are stewards entrusted by God with vast wealth. Even the steward who received just one talent was given a fortune worth the equivalent of thirty-five years of daily wages.

But how can your stewardship impact boys for Christ?  How can you invest your talent, time or treasure?  Maybe it’s talking to leaders at your church about starting a new CSB program.  Perhaps it’s encouraging a fatherless boy to attend his first Stockade camping trip.  Maybe you would like to help out at a camp or Shape N’ Race event.   Whatever your interests and talents, we are here to help you discover how you can make a difference. How you can be the hands and feet of Jesus through Christian Service Brigade.

Investing some of your treasure can also go a long way towards changing the course of a young man’s life. If you’ve never given to CSB Ministries we encourage you to pray about giving in 2015. With a thankful heart, we will steward your gift and earn a return.  Sending out more godly men for Christ.

Contact us today to learn how you can help us reach more boys. 1.800.815.5573 or at

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why your Battalion Should Attend the N-Counter

N-Counter is everything Battalion was designed to be, wrapped up in one high octane weekend - Hundreds of young men, along with their leaders, coming together for Fun, Fellowship, Faith building and spiritual decisions that change the Future.


Everyone gets to participate in an abundance of awesome activities. Rotating through activity stations throughout the day, Battalion guys gain fascinating experiences and enjoy fun competition.

One Great Venue

In January, ten men from the 2016 N-Counter Planning Committees did a walk-through at High Point Camp, Birdsboro, PA. Being on site backed the exciting realization that this venue offers the perfect setting to make N-Counter bigger and better than ever.

N-Counter will invade High Point with Battalion centered fun, fellowship and food.  Activities will be the best-of-the-best Battalion has to offer. Fellowship will build around awesome activities and worship. Food service will be supplied by High Point's quality staff. You can take a photo tour of High Point Camp. Just go to the link and click “Camp Tour” on the right of their web page.

With 200 acres of available land as well as a 10 acre lake for our use, we are poised to overrun High Point with many impressive Battalion activities as we did in 2011. Activities like trapshooting, trebuchet, several field sports and much, much more.

The High Point site offers a large field for tent camping.  As an adjustment from 2011, Battalions will be assigned tenting areas according to their home regions. Friday night campfires will be by regions as well. There are also cabins and dorms available for units who do not prefer to tent camp.

My Experience at the 2011 N-Counter

I was able to participate in the 2011 N-Counter as a Lieutenant with my home Battalion, North-Mar 1180. What an awesome experience!

N-Counter created a perfect balance of high octane fun and spiritual impact. It was just right for the teen guys we disciple. Even though our guys were extremely tired, they could not stop talking about their experience all the way home. Yes, they talked about the awesome activities and great food, but they also talked about their spiritual experience. In fact, the guys wanted to further discuss spiritual issues. We had some fairly in-depth discussions which further impacted our young men on the way home.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Search is Underway

The search for the CSB President is underway and we have received over 15 applications for the position.

The board has selected a small team including Brian Dawson (chair), Joel Fiscus, Ron Rynd, and Kim Ferri to be on the search committee.  They are narrowing candidates through a process of written questions, video conferencing, and reference qualifications.  The goal is to narrow down the top candidates to the finalists that will interview with the full board.

The finalists will also hold an interview session on line where anyone in the ministry can join in to hear a presentation, email in questions, and submit an evaluation of the finalists which we hope to hold in May.  

Please be praying for our next president!

The Deep Impact of Discipleship

By Peter Westerman
Many men of God have passed through the ranks of Christian Service Brigade over the years. On January 23, 2015, Bill Wood, 82, went into the presence of our Lord. Bill served Battalion #997 of Bethlehem Church, Randolph, NJ for over 50 years. His love for canoeing and the outdoors introduced hundreds of boys to the wonder of God’s creation.

In June of 2013, Bill was awarded an honorary Herald of Christ in recognition of his years of service in discipling of young men. During the ceremony, numerous men testified to how Bill had guided them as teens to receive Jesus Christ as Savior or deepen their faith. Pastor Tim Hart, for whom Bill has been a life-long mentor had this to say, “Mr. Wood was dedicated to engaging, encouraging and equipping godly men to raise up godly young men to lead and serve in family, church and community.” Tim shared how Mr. Wood demonstrated this beyond CSB by visiting him in a home for delinquent kids.