Friday, March 13, 2015

Living Our Story of Stewardship

Talking to church leaders about starting a CSB unit? Encouraging a fatherless boy?
Giving financially? How has God gifted you to help?

“You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.”—
Matthew 25:23

In the parable from Matthew, Jesus teaches that all of us are stewards entrusted by God with vast wealth. Even the steward who received just one talent was given a fortune worth the equivalent of thirty-five years of daily wages.

But how can your stewardship impact boys for Christ?  How can you invest your talent, time or treasure?  Maybe it’s talking to leaders at your church about starting a new CSB program.  Perhaps it’s encouraging a fatherless boy to attend his first Stockade camping trip.  Maybe you would like to help out at a camp or Shape N’ Race event.   Whatever your interests and talents, we are here to help you discover how you can make a difference. How you can be the hands and feet of Jesus through Christian Service Brigade.

Investing some of your treasure can also go a long way towards changing the course of a young man’s life. If you’ve never given to CSB Ministries we encourage you to pray about giving in 2015. With a thankful heart, we will steward your gift and earn a return.  Sending out more godly men for Christ.

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