Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why your Battalion Should Attend the N-Counter

N-Counter is everything Battalion was designed to be, wrapped up in one high octane weekend - Hundreds of young men, along with their leaders, coming together for Fun, Fellowship, Faith building and spiritual decisions that change the Future.


Everyone gets to participate in an abundance of awesome activities. Rotating through activity stations throughout the day, Battalion guys gain fascinating experiences and enjoy fun competition.


Your own Battalion will grow closer together through N-Counter.
Brigadiers merge with guys from other Battalions, building new friendships, sharing Brigade experiences and working together toward common goals.
Battalion Leaders share activities from their own Battalion’s special collection.


N-Counter participants gain awesome spiritual insight from men who have shown great aptitude in
speaking God’s Word into the lives of young men and challenge them toward biblical manhood. N-Counter also features spiritual life analogies driven home through each fun activity.


Guys will talk about this experience on the way home and for the rest of their lives – the fun, the friendships and the spiritual lessons they’ve learned. N-Counter has the potential to positively change the life of each of your Brigadiers. It has the

potential to give you great encouragement and open doors to further disciple your young men.
“Now We Trust in God, to Keep Us Bright and Keen for Christ…”

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