Thursday, March 12, 2015

One Great Venue

In January, ten men from the 2016 N-Counter Planning Committees did a walk-through at High Point Camp, Birdsboro, PA. Being on site backed the exciting realization that this venue offers the perfect setting to make N-Counter bigger and better than ever.

N-Counter will invade High Point with Battalion centered fun, fellowship and food.  Activities will be the best-of-the-best Battalion has to offer. Fellowship will build around awesome activities and worship. Food service will be supplied by High Point's quality staff. You can take a photo tour of High Point Camp. Just go to the link and click “Camp Tour” on the right of their web page.

With 200 acres of available land as well as a 10 acre lake for our use, we are poised to overrun High Point with many impressive Battalion activities as we did in 2011. Activities like trapshooting, trebuchet, several field sports and much, much more.

The High Point site offers a large field for tent camping.  As an adjustment from 2011, Battalions will be assigned tenting areas according to their home regions. Friday night campfires will be by regions as well. There are also cabins and dorms available for units who do not prefer to tent camp.

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