Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Experience at the 2011 N-Counter

I was able to participate in the 2011 N-Counter as a Lieutenant with my home Battalion, North-Mar 1180. What an awesome experience!

N-Counter created a perfect balance of high octane fun and spiritual impact. It was just right for the teen guys we disciple. Even though our guys were extremely tired, they could not stop talking about their experience all the way home. Yes, they talked about the awesome activities and great food, but they also talked about their spiritual experience. In fact, the guys wanted to further discuss spiritual issues. We had some fairly in-depth discussions which further impacted our young men on the way home.

When we came back, our Battalion was very encouraged with ideas we gleaned from other Battalions at the event. For example, we were inspired to design a custom Battalion 1180 t-shirt, which guys earn when they graduate from Observer. The beneficial positive change in camaraderie and unity this encouraged is still prevalent in our Battalion today. I would even say this has been an important part of our increased success in the achievement program at Battalion 1180.

When I recently mentioned to Battalion 1180 that N-Counter was coming back in 2016, the guys who had participated in 2011 lit up like 500 watt bulbs. They were stoked to say the least. Comments like, “That was the best...” were in abundance. We can’t wait for 2016.

Dale Kinkade
Regional Director, Ohio Valley Region CSB

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