Friday, September 19, 2014

Stockade reVision Update: Reporter, Swimming, Weather

In the past week the Stockade reVision team just released  three new resources:

One full "Reporter" module for use in weekly meetings

Reporter Leaders Guide
Reporter Outpost Adventure

You can view more information regarding this exciting new module in our store:
View "Reporter" Leaders Guide
View "Reporter" Outpost Adventure

Two new stand Alone "Outpost Adventures" for Swimming and Weather

Our Newest Regional Director: Bill Mellien

Jehovah Jireh: God the provider.

God does indeed continue to provide. The most recent example is the addition of Bill Mellien to CSB's team of Regional Directors. We'll introduce Bill more fully in the next Brigade Connection issue but we wanted to let you all know the exciting news now.

Bill will be working with churches in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. If that means he's your regional Director and you have any questions or needs feel free to contact him or just say hello.

You can email him at

The Brigade Portal SURVEY- Tell us what features you want!

Take the 6 question survey and help set our priorities
The Brigade Portal has been launched!

We built a strong foundation on the back end of the new portal website and our initial feature available to users is a church registration and management tool for Brigade Chairmen.

As we build features on top of this strong foundation we want to aim well and prioritize our development on the features you leaders feel are the most vital first.

You can help control the direction of our development and the features we work on first by completing this 6 question survey which is really just a list of potential features that you can rank for us.

Take The Survey

CSB Leaders! Don't miss this key opportunity to help us identify the tools that can make your ministry easier and more powerful.

"The Story" - Powerfully explaining the Ministry of CSB

CSB explained in 2 minutes. Take a look
Even after more than 75 years of ministry it can be difficult to articulate precisely what CSB is all about. This is not for lack of a vision but because the need and the vision are both so big and the traditions of our organization have grown so deep. How could one explain all of that in only a minute or two?

Over the past few months key staff have worked hard to create a short description of our ministry and it's vital role in today's cultural and church landscape.

If you want to better understand or better articulate the need we address, our mission for meeting that need, and our plan for fulfilling our calling, take a few minutes to look at this document.

The team did a jaw dropping job and it's not only content rich, but simple and beautiful to look at.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Connecting you with CSB Staff: Caleb Porzio "I'm a Brigade Guy"

BC:  Prior to coming on staff with the new US national office staff, what was your involvement with CSB?
CP: I’ve been involved in Brigade for most of my life. Starting as a Stockader, I made my way through Battalion and became a Sergeant in my home Unit. I also was heavily involved in our local Brigade camp (Camp Hickory Hill), starting as Junior Leader and eventually serving as a Program Director.

BC:  When it was decided to move the national office from Wheaton, IL to Hamburg, NY – you were a major reason it was also decided to bring the on-line store and warehousing back in-house.  Share a little about this transition.
CP: At the time, Brigade was outsourcing their warehouse operation. There was discussion about taking it back in-house, and my name was mentioned because I had experience in web design and media and could build and manage an online-store. Let’s just say I had no clue what I was in for.