Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Connecting you with CSB Staff: Caleb Porzio "I'm a Brigade Guy"

BC:  Prior to coming on staff with the new US national office staff, what was your involvement with CSB?
CP: I’ve been involved in Brigade for most of my life. Starting as a Stockader, I made my way through Battalion and became a Sergeant in my home Unit. I also was heavily involved in our local Brigade camp (Camp Hickory Hill), starting as Junior Leader and eventually serving as a Program Director.

BC:  When it was decided to move the national office from Wheaton, IL to Hamburg, NY – you were a major reason it was also decided to bring the on-line store and warehousing back in-house.  Share a little about this transition.
CP: At the time, Brigade was outsourcing their warehouse operation. There was discussion about taking it back in-house, and my name was mentioned because I had experience in web design and media and could build and manage an online-store. Let’s just say I had no clue what I was in for.
After much hard work and help from others we launched and brought back the warehouse operations in-house and now able to better serve our churches with quicker turn-around and better customer service.

BC:  You also were asked to assist with the updates on the CSB website and assist with IT and network development.  Please share a little about this too.
CP: I have been a “techie” my whole life. What started as fixing computers for friends and family turned into my life’s passion. I have developed skills over the years in areas like Networking, IT, Web Design, Programming, Graphic Design, Photography and Cinematography. When I came on board with Brigade I was studying Electrical Engineering at University at Buffalo. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to flex my tech muscles and help a ministry that has had such a huge impact on my life.

BC:  So with this experience gained, and your growing interest in programming and graphics, tell us how your role has now expanded.
CP: I had been helping out by making small graphics for the store and helping manage our website. The real turning point was with our “Build Strong Boys” ad. We needed an ad for a Men’s Ministry conference in a pinch. I was asked to take this project on because of time constraints. I delved in and proved to myself and the ministry I could be an asset in bigger ways. Since then I have run webinars, designed banners and other printed material. I feel I have a real advantage to other designers because I am a Brigade guy myself.

BC:  What is your vision for CSB in regard to its use of today’s technology?

CP: We have made significant progress over the last couple of years and still have a ways to go. I would like to see Brigade help connect churches together through social media. I also have a vision for a web portal to ease some administrative tasks for Brigade leaders. This web portal could eventually be used for boys to track their achievement and receive challenges and objectives. Such a great ministry deserves exposure, and my goal is to help by making awesome media that connects with the right people. 

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