Friday, September 19, 2014

"The Story" - Powerfully explaining the Ministry of CSB

CSB explained in 2 minutes. Take a look
Even after more than 75 years of ministry it can be difficult to articulate precisely what CSB is all about. This is not for lack of a vision but because the need and the vision are both so big and the traditions of our organization have grown so deep. How could one explain all of that in only a minute or two?

Over the past few months key staff have worked hard to create a short description of our ministry and it's vital role in today's cultural and church landscape.

If you want to better understand or better articulate the need we address, our mission for meeting that need, and our plan for fulfilling our calling, take a few minutes to look at this document.

The team did a jaw dropping job and it's not only content rich, but simple and beautiful to look at.

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