Friday, March 15, 2019

New Module: Building a Siege Catapult

New Stockade Modules are coming your way and the first one will be available in the store in May!

Build a torsion-powered catapult and explore "God Our Fortress" with the SIEGE WEAPONS Module.

As Christians we often feel under siege, and though it is we who are taking the battle to the gates of
hell it is good to remember that we are in the middle of a spiritual battle. And when the fiery darts of the enemy rain down on us it is vital we train our boys to remember that God is our refuge during trials, that he comforts us, and that in the same way we've been comfort we are to comfort others.

In an age-appropriate way this new Stockade module will help boys investigate the persecuted church, brothers and sisters currently experiencing this battle in a profound way. They will also learn in all circumstances how they can help and show compassion for those around them.

The full-size catapults they will be building are approximately 2' x 5' and fold down when not in use. They can launch a bean bag 15' to 30' depending on the quality of construction. You will need a chop saw and drill to build the catapult.

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