Saturday, April 27, 2019

Another New Regional Director: New England's Steve Rivers!

Steve is the Superman with the super-beard standing in the back!
We are pleased to announce another new Regional Director, Steve Rivers!

Steve will be serving in the New England region and is already familiar with the region, our philosophy of ministry (he's an alumnus), and many of the churches in his region because he is also the Executive Director of New England Frontier Camp.

Steve's complimentary role puts him in a strategic position for leadership in the new England region.

Here he is in his own words:


I am very excited to accept the role of Regional Director of CSB Ministries for New England!

As the Director of New England Frontier Camp, I have the privilege of leading young men as they, in turn, lead other younger men and boys. Our NEFC team is building on a rich history of using outdoor experiences and God's Word to build Godly men. It is without question the most rewarding work I could have ever imagined doing. I am excited to see how the Lord works in these two ministries to further His Kingdom!

I grew up attending Highland Baptist Church in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, where I was involved with Brigade Unit #290 from about age ten to sixteen. I have very fond memories of the friends I made during those years and often think of the impact that my involvement in Brigade made in my life. I also have come to truly appreciate the sacrifice and dedication of the men who served as leaders and the impact they made on my life and the lives of my friends.

In addition to the impact of those weekly Brigade meetings, I also found direction and leadership through great experiences at New England Frontier Camp, where I met men from Brigade units from all over the country. The powerful testimonies, guidance, and discipling of so many men who answered the call to serve the Lord combined with the love and guidance of my parents to give me a "firm foundation" on which to build my faith and develop my own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. For this, I am forever grateful.

My wife Kathy and I celebrated 25 years of marriage this past year and have seven children; Joe,
Lucy, Maddy, Sam, Jack, Kate, & Molly. We moved from Central Massachusetts to Maine almost three years ago to live here in Maine at Frontier Camp and we truly enjoy being a part of these ministries that are centered around changing lives for Christ.

Prior to answering the call to step into full-time ministry, I was a small business owner for over twenty years. During these years, I learned marketing, planning, promotion, communications, and management skills that promise to serve me well as I step into this role with CSB.

I look forward to seeing the currently active units in New England grow in numbers and quality of program, as well as see new units come along. If ever there was a time in New England when a ministry like Christian Service Brigade was needed, that time is now!


  1. Congratulations on your new role. Brigade and Frontier Camp are both lucky to have you.

  2. Hi Steve,
    My good friend Norm Tacklind CSB California, mentioned that he met you and that I should contact you. I live in Weymouth MA (781-413-1651). Let me know if sometime you are in the area. Congratulations and God Bless.
    In Christ,