Friday, May 17, 2013

Our "Moving" Renovation: Update on the move to the Buffalo area

Assist with our renovation
Moving 558 miles to our new digs near Buffalo N.Y. from Wheaten Illinois, where we were firmly rooted for 75 years, has been something of a herculean task. But God's hand of blessing has been clear. Here are some encouraging answers to prayer that have continued to confirm that this move was indeed the right direction:

  • A significant portion of the HVAC system (originally quoted to cost between $2000-$3000) ended up only costing a total of $100 for a condenser and a box of sheet metal screws. This is due entirely to generous donations!
  • Even after the city issued a stop-work order causing us to lose two weeks we were able to get the warehouse finished on schedule!
  • The Store and new warehouse are now up and running!
  • People have been coming out of the woodwork to bless us with time and materials. Thanks in particular to Ken Fimbel for doing almost all the carpentry and drywall and to Jim Kubik who did all the electrical!

We can use all sorts of help if you have time, materials or financial resources to assist with our renovation.

View our current renovation needs ...

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