Monday, August 26, 2013

reVision Update

Please note that we believe the dates below to be accurate but that they may change. This is to be
Draft Cover of the New Trail Guide
used as a helpful guideline but contact your Regional Director if you have any questions.

Also, if you are a man with expertise in a particular interest area and would like to see that interest area developed into a module please contact us. We'd love to consider your ideas!

Current Revision Schedule:
Modules re-edited and reprinted, including the Outpost Adventures and new covers (available in store - at the printer August 9):
  • Flight (Faith)
  • Team Sports (The Church)
  • Bikes & Boards (Friends)
  • Woodworking (Holiness)
The four core Achievement guides are currently being redesigned and should be at the printers by Tuesday, August 27:
  • Builder Trails 1
  • Builder Trails 2
  • Sentinel Trails 1
  • Sentinel Trails 2
The following modules are completed and are in the cue for final draft and design (once the core books are done):

  • Cars & Trucks (Responsibility)
  • Pioneers (God's Calling)
The following modules are in development (final draft deadline given):
  • Camping (Integrity) - final draft to be ready by August 31
  • Shape 'n Race - final draft by September 15
  • Visual Arts (Courage) - October 1
  • Fitness - October 1
  • Electricity (The Holy Spirit) - on hold due to injury
  • Astronomy - March 1, 2014
Modules to go to development before December 31:
  • First Aid (Helping Others)
  • Fishing (Witness)
  • Weather (Trust)
Stand Alone Outpost Adventures (without a module at this time) are starting to be compiled. A list of current projects to be developed will be available by September 30.
Note: This plan does not preclude other module/OA development by RDs and others not currently in process.

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