Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You'll Want to Know Kim Ferri

The kind of passionate and competent woman that makes any organization thrive.

If you are like me then you too will want to skip this staff introduction, but that would be a mistake. I
understand the desire to do so. Honestly, how is that person half way across the continent who you will probably never meet relevant enough to justify the time investment?
Kim's passion for ministry recently took her to do ministry in Zambia
But I realized that you need to know these people not just because they are important members of the growing CSB team, but because they are really really cool people! God has without a doubt brought to us passionate and interesting members of the body of Christ.

It would be a mistake not to take the next minute to learn about Kim Ferri, our Business and Operations Manager. This is the kind of passionate and competent woman that makes any organization thrive.

Here she is in her own words:
“It became very clear to me, very early in my son's life that both my son and my husband not only would benefit from interaction with Godly men but they NEEDED that interaction in order to follow Jesus as God designed. I believe our boys and men in America are so bombarded with emasculating messages that without a ministry like CSB it is near impossible for them to follow Biblical teaching. It was over a decade ago that God put on my heart to help wherever possible my brothers in Christ find a place where they can learn and become who God designed them to be, warriors at heart. As Max Lucado has stated, I paraphrase, "safe communities have Godly men leading them".
I was first approached by Scott Haima almost a year ago to think about how I might be able to serve God and CSB. This past Spring the tugging on my heart became a reality.

My aim is to help CSB operate in the
most efficient, cost effective way possible so that our leaders of men are freed up to disciple. I have a passion for cutting costs and improving operation efficiency and my new role with CSB allows me to do that.

If you are wondering what my responsibilities look like day to day it’s
really a little of everything. I pitch in wherever and whenever I can but my main job is to manage finances (accounting), human resource policy and procedures, and streamline operations under the direction of our President and Director of Finance and Operations. Most of what I do is behind the scenes.

I am married to Rosario Ferri, Director of a church Youth Center. We have one daughter, a freshman in college, and one son, a freshman in high school. We reside in Boston Valley NY just 10 minutes south of Hamburg, NY (ski country). Previous to my position at CSB, I was Finance Manager for a large church for nearly 12 years. I was in operations management for General Motors at one time, and a Project Manager with NYS at West Valley Demonstration Project.”
Kim surrounded by the beautiful children of Zambia

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  1. And may I add....Kim is really good at what she does..."miracle worker" is a term that comes to mind. She has an amazing work ethic, too. I love Kim's heart for Jesus, and justice, and "the lost." If you are privileged to call her are truly blessed.

    Congratulations on adding Kim to your staff!