Saturday, May 24, 2014

The New CSB Portal

An online application set to revolutionize the lives of brigade leaders

The backbone and strength of Christian Service Brigade has always been the men who sacrifice blood sweat and tears to provide a vital context every week in which to disciple the boys who will soon join us as the next generation of Christian men.

Because we understand how important each leader is to this vital task, we are more focused than ever on providing creative, powerful, and practical tools to help you effectively execute what is often a very difficult task. We are really excited to be able to introduce you to one of our biggest initiatives yet ... The "CSB portal."  

The Portal is a dynamic tool designed to make your life as a CSB leader a lot easier. We hope to have an initial release this September and that will be just the beginning of a really powerful tool that will only get more powerful over time as we hear from you regarding what your needs are and progressively build tools into the portal to meet those practical needs.

Some of the early features will include
  • Check-in and attendance
  • Easy communication with your leaders, parents and youth
  • Access to resources like best practices, videos, and the CSB store

1 comment:

  1. This App will be fantastic!!

    can I offer some ideas on programs to include?:
    Planning program:
    This would have a planner that can be portioned off into segments. Included set segments would be: Tree Climbers, Stockade, Battalion and an open/unasigned events. The Battalion, for example, would have 6:30pm Opening Formation 10min and space to write what would be done in that time segment then the program would know the next segment is Squad Meetings at 6:40pm with space for notes as to who would lead, what would be discussed and how many minutes would be assigned.. The names of each segment and the order can be manually adjusted.

    I have been looking for such an App and planner for a long time, even trying to make my own.
    please PLEASE contact me back if you can
    Jerry Forder, Battalion CSB Unit 4093 in Surrey, BC