Friday, January 16, 2015

Battalion Revision Update - INNOV8

Leaders and Friends of CSB,

The Stockade curriculum revision (reVISION) is approaching the halfway mark of completion, and we are beginning to look at the revision of the Battalion curriculum. This adventure will be known as INNOV8 – we are seeking innovative ways to produce and develop this material used to discipling young men. It includes an overhaul of both the weekly program materials (Leaders’ Guides) as well as the Achievement materials (from Observer to the Herald of Christ). I would like to invite you to participate in this project in one or more of the following ways:

Prayer – prayer is foundational in our experience with God. Prayer for the Christian is as water is to fish – it is the environment in which we live, our connection to God. Please pray for the organizing and leadership of the Battalion INNOV8 adventure. You can receive a monthly prayer update about the project.

Write – Has your Battalion developed an “Activity Patch” of your own? Would you like to share it with other units across North America? We will accept whatever you have done and, subject to editing parameters, release it as part of our approved curriculum. Full credit will be given for the writers and units for each module. Even if the module is not complete, we will take what you have and fill in the rest. The following outline provides the scope for each module:

  • Theme: A Biblical truth/Skill or interest area
  • Key verse/passage
  • Game suggestions (up to 3: Active - medium - quiet)
  • Squad Meeting suggestions (devotion, short activity, weekly leadership encouragement for non-coms)
  • Action Special (Whole Group activity)
  • Council Ring (engaging story)

Donate – We are looking to release the INNOV8 material as both hard copy and digital. The digital side has some significant costs involved, and we are looking for people to help fund this important discipleship tool.

If you would like to help in any of the ways listed above, send an email to

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