Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A place where a dad can disciple and grow with his sons

Buz is just one example of a dad who saw CSB as a tool
to help him invest in his sons, and found that it helped him too.
We all want to be good parents.  We want the best for our children and want to guide them throughout their development.  We want to play an active role.  We want to be involved.
That’s a big reason why Buz Rueger chose to get his 4 sons involved with Christian Service Brigade “It was the program we had at our church and it allowed dads to be involved.”

When asked how Brigade may have helped him become a more aware father, Buz gives some interesting insight.  “It had activities, like Shape N’ Race overnight camping trips, projects and goals to achieve, and those were ripe with opportunity to be involved with my sons.”  He realized those were opportunities to get to know his boys and how they were thinking and developing as men.
Buz also realized Brigade had some benefits for him. A chance to learn from other men. “Since other
Dads were involved with the Stockade and later the Battalion program, there was the opportunity to see the relationships that those Dads (both good & bad) had with their sons.  Sometimes, that kind of unspoken input gave me ideas as to what I wanted to add or subtract in my relationship with my sons.”

One thing is certain.  Buz and his sons Jim, John, Tim and Paul were actively involved.  Camp-O-Ramas, Camp-O-Rees, Shape-N-Race and weekend camping trips were enjoyed over the years.  John was a 1 Star and served as Sgt. He’s now on the board of directors at Camp Hemlock; the same camp the boys enjoyed while in Brigade.  Jim achieved Herald of Christ, Brigade’s highest honor. Paul was a 1 Star Sgt. and served as Program Director at Camp Hemlock. Tim was a 2 Star Sgt. and also served as Assistant Program Director at Hemlock.  Impressively, all 4 boys served on Junior Staff several years before serving on the Senior staff (college age) positions as leaders.

Buz used Christian Service Brigade to create opportunities to grow closer to his boys.  He used it to help himself to develop as a father as well. The results are impressive. With God’s help, Buz has sent godly men into all walks of life. Tim serves as a Baltimore city policeman. Paul earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering and serves in the Navy. Jim is now impacting lives as a teacher, and John is in business, working as a CPA with Deloitte and Touche.
Buz is a thankful father and notes how God used CSB as a tool in raising his sons. “God gets the glory,  with CSB and its faithful men and boys helping me along the way.”

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