Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Reading the Bible When You’re Busy

How one college student used the Watchword app to start spending time with God

I’m in college. That means I’m busy… and stressed. Reading, homework, presentations, exams, and the demands of learning to live life at age 19 all make me feel so busy that I don’t always remember my God time.

Last year I was really not as in touch with Christ as I needed to be. All of the stresses and anxieties had been building up and my life became full of worry. I knew I needed to be spending time with God but the busyness and worry made time with God seem even less possible. I needed to remember that God was in control but I was so distracted that I felt really alone and negative.

Part of my struggle to spend time in God’s word was simple forgetfulness and the fact that I had not yet learned to make it an important part of my daily routine. Not knowing when and what to read just made getting into the habit all the more daunting.

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