Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mentoring Out of the Box: Mentoring made Easy

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Mentoring Out of Box gives dads and other men relational and activity-driven tools so that they can disciple their sons and other boys. It's the same approach to discipleship we've championed for 80 years packaged in a simple to implement, low commitment, "turn-key" package.

If you have thought about starting a Brigade unit in your church but wonder if there is a way to introduce other dads and men to investing in boys; consider a Mentoring Out of the Box Adventure.
These simple four week packages can stand alone, but are also an easy introduction to starting a Brigade unit for those who need to test it out first. 
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What is Mentoring Our of the Box?

Mentoring Out of the Box is an activity-driven "Get a Win" Strategy for Dads and other men who wish to become more intentional in being a voice in their son or other boy’s lives

How does it work?

Mentoring Out of the Box provides everything in a box that men need to effectively lead four activity times while building relationships with their son or other boys, weaving in Biblical truths as they learn or develop a skill together.

Who is this for?

Mentoring Out of the Box is an Easy on Ramp to Mentoring your son or another boy and can be implemented at any time. However, if you are struggling to find the manpower or commitment of men to start a full CSB unit why not consider doing a launch of one of our kits? Many congregations see Mentoring Out of the Box as a way to call up dads to become more intentional in discipling their son or as an outreach to fatherless boys in their congregation and community.

What are the details? 

Each kit provides enough materials for 5 men and boys* and includes a Leader’s Guide, a kit supplement that corresponds with the Leader’s Guide, booklets for each boy, a game plan, items related to that kit’s theme and invitations for men to join you. Everything you need in one little box!

Where do I learn more?

Each We have a great website that explains everything you need to know here:

How do I get started? 

Become or find the Mentoring Champion & invite other like-minded dads/men to join you on your adventure, choose and purchase your kits and JUST ADD BOYS.

Where do I find coaching? 

Contact our national office at and request a coach to walk you through your launch of a MBOX adventure.

What does it cost? 

Our MBOX kits are priced between $100 and $125. When divided, that comes to about $20-25 per man/boy per kit and $5-$7 per man/boy per activity time.

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