Friday, October 19, 2018

"The rabbit trails that eventually led me to Jesus."

Making disciples is the point of our ministry and all the tools we provide.

Aaron (pictured above) is a good example of how our tools and the weekly CSB meeting are being used to make disciples and change lives for eternity.

Here's a quick snapshot in Aaron's own words,

"When I was 11 I started using Adventure Trails as a part of being in our Battalion. Part of Adventure Trails was to get partnered with a mentor. I'd started to develop a friendship with an older gentleman because we shared an interest in guns. Because I already had the start of a friendship I thought he would be a good and godly Mentor. As we started to go through Adventure Trails we would often get on rabbit trails based on things that the book would bring up. As we continue down these rabbit trails we would once in awhile start talking about our personal relationship with God and God's will. The first time we started talking about our personal relationship with God I realized I didn't have one. I realized then that I wanted to have one; the thought of having a relationship with the creator of the world was really exciting to me.

It was because the adventure Trails required me to find a mentor and build a relationship with him and provided good content that we were able to have the rabbit trails that eventually led me to Jesus."

The New Adventure Trails are flying off the shelf!

Since we released the updated materials in September we've seen a huge upswing in Battalions ordering and utilizing them! We're all excited that God is blessing the men we are so passionate in supporting as they disciple boys and young men in their local churches.

Take a closer look:

  1. Adventure Trails: A Christ-Centered Guide For the Active Young Man
  2. Adventure Trails: Quest for Manhood

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