Friday, December 7, 2018

A lifetime of spiritual growth

Consider this powerful call given at the beginning or our updated Herald of Christbooklet,

"The Herald of Christ seeks to challenge you to a lifetime of spiritual growth."

The Herald of Christ is both a recognition that a young man's life is bearing the fruit of Christ's work in him, but it is also a call to a life journey and commitment to God and service to others. The Herald of Christ is not an end in itself, it is a means to a much greater end.

What's New:
Over the past year a specialized team of CSB staff, all Herald of Christrecipients, spent many hours turning something good into something even better, including:
  • A greater focus on input from mentors throughout the process
  • Tips to mentors on how to make the most of the experience
  • More flexibility for the young man in choosing Biblical readings and service projects.
  • Aids for both the young man and the team surrounding him as they reach for the goal together.
A Challenge for You:
If you are leading a Battalion we encourage you to purchase a copy or two (do so on our shop) and challenge the young men in your unit to consider reaching for this life changing goal.

Every member of the Herald of Christ Revision Team would tell you that their pursuit of this goal was worth all the hard work.  We are grateful for the menwho sacrificially invested in us and pointed us to a life of commitment and service.

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