Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Three Sons: Herald of Christ is All in this Family

On June 12 John Russell from Battalion 1233 was awarded his Herald of Christ, by Battalion Captain Dave Card and his father Mark Russell. John is the 746th young man to earn this impressive recognition.

Just as impressive is that John is the ninth HOC from his church and the third in the Russell family! Nathan Russell (#699) earned his HOC in 1998, and Samuel Russell (#715) earned his in 2004.

During the past ministry year – the following have also earned their Herald of Christ; #742 Peter
Willis, Battalion 555, Forcey Bible Church, Silver Spring, MD in June 2013 - #743 Stephen Gahman, Battalion 306, Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship, Allentown, PA in September 2013 - #744 Brent Cihonski, Battalion 953, Fair Oaks Baptist Church, Concord, CA in February 2014 - #745 Kyle Droppa, Battalion 2760, Alleghany Center Alliance Church, Pittsburgh, PA in April 2014, and  HOC for Men, Mark Shoger, Columbia, MD in June 2013 and Adam Bishop, Pittsburgh, PA in May 2014.

For more information or an application to earn your Herald of Christ, contact the national office at: (800) 815-5573

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