Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Raising Your Ebenezer: What's Your Story?

After a great event of God's provision ancient Israel would erect "Ebenezer" stones so that they would be reminded of the greatness of their God (1 Samuel 7:12). Our lives and the stories that comprise them are living, breathing, Ebenezers and telling our stories is an important way to honor our God.
"Is this the end?  Or only the beginning?  The second chance You never thought you'd get. The question is Will you do something with it Or spend your days lost in your regretThis is the story of your life  You decide  How the rest is gonna read  This is your chance between the lines  To redefine what kind of legacy you leaveThis is the story of your life  And it's a story worth telling" -- Matthew West, in the song "Story of your life"
We all have a story, and CSB believes that the legacy you leave is the life you lead. Matthew West wrote an entire book on the stories he received, appropriately entitled The Story of Your Life.

We desire to hear YOUR Brigade or mentoring story!

Stories of how Brigade has impacted your life, or the impact you’ve made in someone else’s life.  

Please email your story to:  Scott Haima at or mail them to CSB Ministries, Attn: Scott Haima, PO Box 1010, Hamburg, NY 14075.

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