Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stockade reVision Update: Space

Exploring God's Greatness

We've been working hard and are proud to announce our new Space Outpost Adventure and Leader's Guide! This Stockade Module is jam-packed with fun and interactive activities, as well as God-centered stories and scripture. Keep reading for a look at the action and some awesome discounts!

Turn out the lights!

Many of the activities in this book are fun and interactive. In the "Constellations" activity, boys are asked to poke holes in the shapes of constellations. When they're done, they get to turn off the lights and enjoy the show!

Who needs a wrist watch ...

In the "Star-Clock" activity, boys get to cut-out and pin together their very own clock. After venturing out at night, they will be able to tell what time it is based on the position of the stars and the current month. How cool is that?

The people have spoken

"Just wanted to let you know the boys in my Stockade are loving the Outpost Adventures - I cannot keep enough on hand to fulfill their needs!  It doesn't take long to complete one, and they love being rewarded with the patch."
Chief Ranger in NY

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