Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SALUTE! Brigade --Honor a Brigade Leader or Boy Today!

It's Easy To Give A SALUTE!

  1. Donate in honor now at www.csbministries.org.  In the comments box of your donation, type the name of the leader or boy.
  2. Then come back to this page to share the story of a leader or boy that's made a difference.
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Has a Brigade leader made a difference in your life?  Many men today have wondered how they can show appreciation.  That time has come.  Share the story of a leader that's made a difference.  


Honor a Brigade leader that made a difference in your life or the life of your son. After you donate at www.csbministries.org, go to the comments section below to share why that leader is so special. 


When you donate at www.csbministries.org write "Boy" in the comment section when you make your donation.  A letter will be sent on your behalf encouraging a boy to continue with Brigade and his journey to becoming a godly man. It will include an inspirational quote & Bible verse. 

If you give $77; $1.00 for every year Christian Service Brigade has been discipling men and boys, you'll receive a special gift!

If you have any questions, we'd like to help. Email us at dhuffstetler@csbministries.org or call us at 1.800.815.5573


  1. It was a privilege to give a tribute for Lee Troup. Lee had a major influence on my life when I moved to the U.S. to go to Moody. I am a Herald of Christ (152). Lee channeled opportunities for 5 of us Heralds at Moody to utilize the things that we learned through Brigade. Lee took this 17 year old under his wing and even invited me to his home for my first U.S. Thankgiving.

    I am where I am today due to the ministry of Brigade. My leaders were used by God to change the direction of my life. I was at Northwoods 3 times which allowed me to experience missionary aviation first hand. That is what took me to Moody. Lowell Gerber gave me a love for the Lord and for flying. I met Uncle Joe on several occasions over the years.

    .My leaders in Calgary (Battalion 1582) were Pastor Tom Seeley, Ted Seeley, and J. Arn Cummins. I am a Christian today because of these 3 men's investment through Brigade in my life. I became a Christian in 1963 at a Brigade camp. As often it is said: My life has never been the same since. Not always easy but God has always been faithful!


    Tom Middleton

  2. I SALUTE! a leader named Drew. I met Drew earlier this year at a Christian Service Brigade camp. He's a Tree Climbers leader who is going the extra mile. He has taken boys that don't have fathers and is investing in their lives. Running his unit has not been easy, but Drew sees beyond his struggles. He's making a difference.

    I know that could be the same story for hundreds of other leaders. But that's what makes CSB so great. It enables men to make a difference.

  3. I just want to recognize the many leaders who are out there doing Christian Service Brigade programs every week. It’s a thankless job until some boy receives Christ or a dad starts caring more about his son. Then its rewarding. A lot of guys have been doing this for years even after their sons go on to college. It becomes a part of them and they don’t get thanked enough.

  4. I just saluted Bob Jackson and Mike Sams. All of my leaders in Christian Service Brigade and Brigade Camp have influenced my life in a positive way, but these two have the most. Bob was my Stockade Ranger/Chief Ranger and Mike my Battalion Captain. I am a more whole follower of Christ because of CSB and the influence of the men who touched my life through it. Because of the impact captain Mike had in my life, I chose him as the best man for my wedding. Thank you men - for investing in me through CSB Ministries!

    Dale Kinkade HoC #638

  5. I salute Bob Nass for his godly influence over my life and that of many other leaders and boys. My wife and I were talking about Bob this afternoon. Her comment was, Bob is like a Moses, humble yet strong with a godly presence. It has been a blessing to work with Bob both in camps and as leader in CSB local church ministries.

  6. I'm saluting Dick Landt for how much he has meant to the Brigade program and to me individually. Dick has been a mentor and a friend. He took the time to teach me to pray and to model an ideal Battalion Leader. Dick Landt continues to inspire young men and older men as he serves in new and different ways with his calm demeanor and his pursuit of excellence with a passion for Christ.

  7. This year one of my Brigade mentors passed on to his eternal home. My salute is to Ted Beilstein, the man who invited me to join the Brigade men of CSB 2751, Grace Bible Church, Souderton, PA. I’m thankful he took an interest in me when I returned to my home church after college, willing to join a ministry of discipleship for boys. He was Brigade Chairman and did his job of recruiting well. I was given the role of a ranger in Stockade. Years later, with some experience in each of the CSB programs, I was given the Chairman’s role at CSB 2751. Ted showed continued interest as I joined and served on the Brigade staff.

    Ted’s enthusiasm for this ministry at the local level led a number of men to be actively involved on that Brigade Committee, to oversee and continue the Brigade programs year after year at the church. Ted was a Battalion Captain and a Brigade Chairman at a number of churches and CSB units over the years. I am moved to teach and pass on the concept of a Brigade Ministry Team (or Committee) as a legacy to Ted Beilstein.

  8. The leader I want to honor is Mark Clark. I’ve never forgotten him. He invited me my first Stockade meeting in late 90’s. At the time I just went to see what there was to do, but I ended staying all the way through Battalion. Mark seemed to care about me when no one else did. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was lonely and needed someone to take an interest in me. Mark did.

  9. Dear Friends,

    SALUTE Brigade is an opportunity to reflect on the impact Brigade had in my years as a youth, and specifically the influence of Hedlay Nielsen who was the leader of our Stockade and Battalion programs at Bensenville Bible Church in Bensenville, IL and Battalion #4 in the 1950's.

    Hedlay made sure I began at the age of 8, and continued to be a leader until at the age of 18 I began my training at Moody Bible Institute. He was a faithful example, and included many outings and camping experiences along with Bible insights at Brigade events. I was also privileged to serve at headquarters in the Brigade mailing department in Chicago while at Moody thanks to his work there as treasurer.

    He and his wife Barb, will always be remembered as faithful witnesses to the power of love and guidance in the life of young men. Thank you for Brigade as it continues to reach out to today's generation.

  10. Today I would like to salute Bill Bautz, my first Herald of Christ from Battalion 363. With your commitment to the program and going through the achievement put pressure on me to grow spiritually. Every achievement you had I had to do first. The verses you learned I made sure I had memorized them. I studied the doctrines of salvation, Jesus Christ, God and Scripture before you came to me with your studies. I also studied sheep, cattle and other animals along with farm equipment before you came to me with your studies of them. These times were great opportunities to do things together. I am so glad you went out of your way to join Brigade. Thank you for becoming the man you are.

  11. I would like to also salute my second Herald of Christ, Daniel Anger from Battalion 363. You had a commitment and passion that I have not seen before or since. At age 12 you had to leave stockade and come to the battalion. You knew that stockade needed you. There were unsaved boys there that you could relate to. You would go to stockade one night and battalion another night. It was a joy to see you go through the achievement program. Thank you for becoming the man you are.

  12. I am also saluting my third Herald of Christ, Todd Morgan from Battalion 363. It was a joy to see you grow. I am reminded often of our time together working on achievement projects. One of those projects was building a dinghy sailboat in my basement, a challenge for both of us. Thank you for becoming the man you are.

  13. My first exposure to Christian Service Brigade came as a leader, initially working in Tree Climbers along side many other Dads. But the leader I would like to Salute - was our Brigade Chairman at the time - Clarence Havens. Clarence always made sure the leaders running each age group had what they needed, and was very good at recruiting other men to assist. In addition to being our Brigade Chairman, Clarence was the full-time Site Manager at our Brigade camp - Camp Hickory Hill. He lived at camp, and drove every Wednesday (45 minutes one way) to our meetings, as well as oversaw the site. The Battalion guys in our Unit were blessed, they had a little advantage as far as helping at camp, having Clarence allow them to come and assist - sometimes coming for their entire school breaks. Clarence would put them to work - hard - but mentor them along the way in site management, plumbing, repairs, and many times just life. Thank you Clarence for your tireless efforts over the many years pouring into men and young men through the talents God gave you.

  14. Joel Fiscus, National Director of Field Staff for CSB MinistriesJune 23, 2015 at 1:28 PM

    I would like to salute my Stockade and Battalion leaders from Unit # 1726. Perhaps to those who knew them causally they would have been considered common men, but they were my heroes. They knew my name, build relationships with me and carved a week night out of their busy schedules to spend time with me and other boys. They modeled what it meant to be a godly man and how to be a great Dad and Husband. There was no doubt in our minds that these men cared deeply for us and for our future.

    These men knew that each of us had great potential and they encouraged us by believing in us when we didn't even believe in ourselves, and, in my case, would have been quite content living a life of mediocrity.

    Most of these men are now gone, but they are not forgotten in the minds of those who had these men as leaders. The leaders who impacted my life would be very pleased and perhaps surprised that one of their former Stockaders now serves as CSB's Director of Field Staff. :)

    While serving as a pastor I always had a passion and priority to disciple the men and young men in my congregation. Now, in my position with CSB, I continue to practice what I learned from my Brigade Leaders. They taught me life's most important priorities are radical pursuit of God and serving others by investing in them.