Monday, August 3, 2015

Responding to the Boy Scout Decision

Earlier today Christian Service Brigade sent out an email and press release with a short response to the recent decision of the Boy Scouts of America. You can see the text of that response below.

"Churches are facing many challenges these days.  In light of the recent decision by the Boy Scouts to allow openly gay men to serve as leaders, we realize that many churches are faced with a difficult decision: continue with a program they are comfortable with or consider a more Christ centered alternative. 
As the culture gets more unfriendly towards the church, Christian Service Brigade stands ready to help churches decide if a program like ours is right for them. If you know of a church that is facing this dilemma, please forward this email to their pastor. 
As the church comes under attack from all sides, we are here to stand beside it...and to stand firm for Christ."

Indeed, if you know anyone who may be looking for an alternative please send them the text of this email and a link to the CSB website:

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  1. Thank you for your loyalty to the word of God. I love your program, all three of our sons attended and loved it as well. again thanks for your unfaltering stand.

    Pastor Carl D