Monday, September 5, 2016

Someone To Watch His Back

This must happen if your boys are going to survive

The C.O. at the Army Ranger school at Fort Benning barked, “Difficult assignments require a friend. Step one in your training is the assignment of your ‘Ranger Buddy.’ The two of you will stick together. You will never leave each other. You will walk together, run together, eat together, and sleep together. You will help each other. You will encourage each other. And as necessary, you will carry each other.”

The US military understands that in battle nobody fights alone and survives very long.

Walking with Christ is a difficult assignment. Following Christ means engaging in a fierce three-front battle. A Christ-follower must daily overpower the enemy within, his own sinful nature. He must resist a world that continually bombards him with enticements that seek to take captive his heart. He must overcome the wily temptations of Satan, the evil one.  God never intended Christian men to fight their spiritual battles in isolation.

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