Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Brigade Watch Word: Our New Devotional App

The Brigade WatchWord is a devotional app designed to strengthen your Christian walk.  The app allows you to receive customized scriptural content that meets you where you are.  This is made possible by a Spiritual Profile Assessment. Just answer a few questions, and the app will send you content at the times you choose.

The Brigade WatchWord also features content specifically for Brigade leaders, parents and alumni.  Just subscribe to the tracks and you will receive content on your phone at the times you select.  Topics include:

For Parents:
Creating a positive self-image in a boy
Implementing the 7 Points of Valor
Setting limits on technology
Standards of Fatherhood

For Leaders:
Recruiting new leaders for your unit
Garnering support within your church
Making the most of it when things go wrong
Helping disabled boys in your unit
Holding successful meetings

For Alumni:
Reconnecting with Brigade
How you can help
Saluting the past

And Much More!

New content will be added regularly.  If you would like to contribute as a writer or have a topic you would like to see covered, just email us at  To contribute to this effort financially, just make a donation at

Download the Apple Version

The Brigade WatchWord is a free app.  It is available in the Android and Apple App Store now.

Download the Android Version

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