Thursday, October 22, 2015

Service!: Our Newest Stockade Module

Service is Christian Service Brigade's middle name.  It is also an important part of Jesus' life that He modeled for us to follow.  This Module will teach the boys the "why" and "how" of service, encouraging them to take on an attitude of Servanthood.  This Module will also help the boys to focus on being a servant in their own homes.  The final meeting should be used as a large group Service Project.

This Stockade Leader’s Guide has a corresponding Outpost Adventures Guide that contains several Achievements the boys can do at home, or as part of a small group in their post meeting. These two resources are designed to work together to give your boys an exciting, spiritually-balanced learning experience. Make sure you have a Service Outpost Adventures Guide on hand for each boy, as several of the Post Meeting activities use pages from this guide.

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