Wednesday, January 13, 2016

500 young men with torches .... N-Counter 2016

500 young men with torches ... normally a scary thought
was actually one of the highlights of the N-Counter 5 years ago
and has now become an unforgettable tradition.
Find out more:
Young men and their leaders from CSB Battalion units in 10 or more states, will be gathering at the end of April for N-Counter 2016.  This event comes just once in a Brigadier's middle and high school career.  This large multi-regional event will bring new experiences, with outdoor activities, worship and interaction over the biblical theme, Press On.  N-Counter 2016 will be held for one weekend in southeastern PA.  It's open to current Battalion members as well as Brigade alumni. You are welcome to come see what is happening in Christian Service Brigade today!  All who are interested in helping make this a successful event, can find out more about N-Counter 2016 at ​


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