Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ryan's Story: I Lost a Brother But I Found a Savior

We're sharing Ryan's story below because it is such a great example of how God used the mentoring and leadership experience he received in Battalion to prepare and inspire him to christian service.  
"Growing up, I didn’t have much guidance or discipline. My life seemed as if I didn’t have much purpose at all. My parents loved me even through their divorce, but we never had the genuine love of God in our family. That love wasn’t given to me when I was a child. 
One afternoon, when I was 12 years old, I received the news that my brother had been accidentally shot. He was dead. That event changed my life. It seemed so tragic on the surface. Yet when I look deeper, I can see how God used my brother’s death to
bring me to himself.
With the help of God and some close friends, I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and gained a new life to live: one with purpose. Although I don’t know everything God has for me yet, I can sense him leading me into the ministry, perhaps as a youth leader or as a pastor of a church. 
God has given me unique opportunities to lead in Battalion and at church — including giving a sermon on Good Friday. The Lord has been a great shepherd and I’m eager to follow him. 
It’s been great to know that I’ll have eternal life with Jesus, and although I still have some problems, I know I’m secure with God. In my life, I’ve lost a brother, but I’ve found a Savior."* 
Ryan McMahon
Battalion #167
*This story can be found in the Battalion discipleship book Adventure Trails

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