Thursday, January 14, 2016

Telling The Truth: A Sneak Peek Into Our Next Valor Issue

He Couldn't Argue with the Chocolate ... But He Did

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By Carol McLeod

As the mother of three boys who have grown into uncommon men, I must say, there is nothing like a sprouting, determined boy to challenge the wits out of an otherwise sane woman! When a mother meets an infant son for the first time, the atmosphere is charged with an assignment from heaven itself! But as the spritely little boy grows into manhood, moms often loses focus and forget the importance of our heaven-birthed commission.

One of our sons had a problem telling the truth. Our little boy was known for exaggeration, story-telling and complete deception. My pastor-husband and I had sought diligently to make our home a haven where truth was valued and where integrity mattered greatly. How could we have a son who was so truth-impaired?!

Our children were not allowed to indulge in treats, unless they had earned the treat by a particular act of obedience, kindness or disciplined behavior. The reward candy was carefully hidden where no one could find it.

One afternoon, while all 5 of my children were having a much-needed hour of quiet time, I sat on the back deck immersed in a good book. When the hour was complete, I went back into the house to call the children to the school table. When this particular son trotted into to the room, it was apparent that my husband and I were not as shrewd at hiding goodies as we had thought. Chocolate adorned his shirt, his hands and his face. This boy, with the evidence painted all over his 7-year-old body, denied having eaten the candy! He even cried and begged me to believe him!

In utter desperation, Craig and I spent an evening asking God for a strategy that would enable us to effectively disciple this son whom we loved more than life itself. God gave to us a blueprint that we have utilized in the development of character in all 5 of our children and I hope that it will be helpful to you as well.

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